Topanien Global Gifts is a family-owned business, in operation since 1989.

At Topanien Global Gifts, we offer Decorative Throw Pillows, African Baskets, hand-embroidered pillows from India, Polish Boxes, Angel Ornaments, Cat Pillows for Humans, Hemp Bags from Guatemala, Book Boxes, Inspirational Banners and more. Items are from around the world and we work mainly with other small businesses who personally know the artisans who they employ. We do some of our own importing and search for folkart and home decor that is fairly traded.  Over half of our offerings are fair trade, supporting the artisans and their families.
Topanien Global GiftsWe are fortunate in that we have imported from Ecuador and currently
do our own importing from Mexico. We work with families in Mexico
and have fun sharing experiences with them. Nadine, Topanien owner,
and her husband and two daughters, travel to Mexico annually
and, in 2007, we began doing a little importing from Peru.

Visit our Events & Activism page to find out what’s happening in Multnomah Village and at Topanien Global Gifts.

Contact Information

Topanien Global Gifts – located in the heart of Multnomah Village
7832 SW Capitol Highway
Portland, Oregon USA 97219

Telephone: 503-244-9683

Store hours
Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sundays 11:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

Topanien Global Gifts is located in quaint Multnomah Village; an old fashioned shopping district replete with locally owned coffee shop, wine bar, restaurants, antique shops, eclectic clothing and gift stores and a candy store.

More about us:
We are a member of Amnesty International and make donations to many other organizations that support multicultural missions similar to our own. Visit our FAQ Page for more information on our donations. Visit our Fair Trade Page for info about Fair Trade Importing.

Owner, Nadine, and her family moved to Southern Oregon where they built and lived in a one room straw bale cabin for a year. While in the cabin they built their home complete with solar panels, solar hot water heater, gravity fed water system and masonry stove heating.  After about 7 years of country living, they relocated a few miles east to the quaint city of Ashland to be nearer humankind and to have better internet and ski mountain access.  But, in 2013, Nadine and family returned to Portland, Oregon to focus on work (Topanien Global Gifts) and to renovate a 1906 craftsmen duplex in the SW Portland neighborhood of Lair Hill.  Life is a wild adventure! Smile and have fun.