Unusual Bavarian Drummers

Bavarian Drummer - Topanien Global Gifts

Get down and have fun with these super Bavarian Drummers. Their unique instruments and easy going, casual garb might make you try some music making of your own. Topanien Global Gifts staff owner is thinking this might be a really fun ‘First Friday in the Village’ event.

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“While most drummers prefer to use traditional instruments, like actual drums and cymbals, these guys thought that’d be way too simple. Instead, they make awesome music using only their toolboxes and the tools inside.

As much as their cool beats pump us up, we can’t help but wonder what context this performance even happened in. Instead of singing competitions and reality dating shows, does Bavaria have alternative drumming competitions full of lederhosen and merriment? We can only assume they were followed by a group playing guitars made out of kitchen utensils.” -commentary from YouTube.