A Tranquil Summer at Topanien

Inspirational Summer Banners - India Bell Chimes

Summer Tranquility

Happy summer, friends of Topanien Global Gifts! Now is the time for fresh color, walks in the park, and the sweet song of summer. Enjoy a staycation: time at home for reflection & relaxation.  Refresh yourself with a little peace and tranquility decor.

– Nadine, owner & founder of Topanien Global Gifts
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“Make each moment an occasion to live deeply, happily in peace.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh

Inspirational Banners

Blue Lake Basket at Lake Como, Italy

“Everything I need fits perfectly into my fair trade African Butterfly Basket.  Let’s go to the Lake Como in Italy!”

~Blue Lake Basket at
Topanien Global Gifts

African Bolga Baskets, Market & Shopper Baskets and assorted Butterfly Baskets

Praying Frog Buddha

A smiling friend will help you with meditations in the garden.

~ Praying Frog Buddha

Buddah Figurines & other Asian Spiritual Decor

Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags are inscribed with mantras promoting peace and compassion, strength and wisdom. The people of Tibet string them from their homes, along mountain tops and from stupas (Buddhist Shrine).  The wind catches the messages of the prayer flags and carriers their words of good will to people all around the world.

Prayer Flags

Beautiful India Bell Chimes have a uniquely peaceful sound, and no two sound alike. Choose a few to hang outside and listen to their song in the breeze.

~ Desert Sun ChimeFish ChimeCurved Spine Five Bells Chime ~
~ Peace Banner ~


Three people enjoy Cat Throw Pillows

Made by women in India, the Fair Trade,
Cat Throw Pillows add a relaxing atmosphere to our exercise space.
Choose Cat Pillows for your home, office and work out or meditation room.
~ Midnight Blue Cat FaceNine Lives CatBurnt Orange Cat ~
~ Lime Green CatGarden Cat ~

Knowing that the pillows I use for meditation are fair trade sets my mind at ease.