Backyard Art – Poetry Board Totems of Mexico

Poetry Board Totem - Mexico


Masks aren’t just for Halloween. Use colorful Mexican Masks in your kitchen, bathroom or covered patio with fair trade, hand crafted coconut masks and Totems from Taxco, MX.



Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts, spotted at the Lair Hill Poetry Board in Portland Oregon. Delightful poetry pleases the soul and, hand-crafted mask totems on top of the poetry post, pleases the eye.



Create your own Poetry Board like one pictured above for uncovered outside areas, or use Chalk Board paint on a flat surface for covered areas. Decorate with Mexican coconut masks or wooden face totems  to catch the eye of passersby.

Tip: Spray a clear, protective coating on  masks or totems to keep them looking new – year round! Plastic coating or varnish is available at most hardware stores.


Add some color to your patio with these fun fruit masks. Tomatoes, pineapples and much more!   coconutdoll_0023







Give coconut Mexican Masks to a friends for birthdays, holidays and housewarmings. Give a gift you can feel good about. These masks are hand made and fair trade from Taxco, Mexico.