The Event You Have Been Waiting For: MULTNOMAH DAYS!

Topanien Global Gifts - Multnomah Days!

As July turns over and heads toward August, as the days get hotter and brighter, we grow closer and closer to our favourite event of the year:


Music! Sales! Parades!
Music! Sales! Parades! Look at all the street booths set up there!
Watching the parade.
“No way, I’m not too hot!”

Music! Sales! Parades! So much cool stuff that you’ll forget all about the heat.

The fun all starts on Saturday, August 15th, with the parade, live music, food, and of course the street fair! Here at Topanien Global Gifts we will be having one of our biggest sales of the year with 49% off of select tablecloths, comforters, Ghanian baskets, banners, and even jewelry! We’re all really excited about it, slowly setting aside specially selected items just for this event.

Nadine at the Sidewalk Sale.
Check out this sweet haul!


On Sunday, August 15th the Topanien Global Gifts Sidewalk Sale continues, and so does the rest of the event! Stop by and grab some great deals before heading over to the Vine&Dine Food and Wine Festival. (Don’t forget your tickets!)

Jen at Switch.
Our friend Jen over at Switch!

Once you are full of delicious things, and catching your second wind, why not take a look around the other great shops and restaurants in the Village? Our friends at Switch are looking forward to seeing you as well!     Topanien Global Gifts - Multnomah Days   See them in the parade and then, be sure to stop in at Thinker Toys!

Clearly the star of the show.

Multnomah Days - Topanien Global Gifts Sidewalk Sale

What parade is complete without a horse?
A colourful gentleman on a strange steel contraption.
The City of Portland, in a thousand words or fewer.
Send in the clown!
Send in the clown!