Store Closing! Liquidation Sale is ON!

Topanien Glogal Gifts Liquidation Sale

Bad News You Want to Hear

Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts is moving on to new adventures and you can benefit. Time for the Topanien Global Gifts LIQUIDATION SALE!

– Topanien Global Gifts is CLOSING. –

Topanien Global Gifts was the ride of my life for over a quarter of a century.  But, all good things must come to an end.  I am closing our fair trade, multicultural Village Store and take a new path. But, you can benefit from this. The Topanien Global Gifts Liquidation Sale is now!

What: Liquidation SALE
Why: Topanien Global Gifts is closing.
What’s Happening to Topanien Global Gifts?

This e-mail will give you a jump on the entire stock of inventory at Topanien Global Gifts.   We will be liquidating in the shortest time possible. Yes, our Fair Trade, Multicultural Store of SW Portland, Topanien Global Gifts is closing.

And EVERYTHING is 30% Off!

Liquidation Sale - Topanien Global Gifts
Topanien Global Gifts is closing.  Grab your list and join us on First Friday >>>
Picasso Pillows * Buddha Banner * Hemp Bag * 2 Tibetan Prayer Flags * and …

We’re closing – so all sales are final! Come say goodbye and take advantage of great deals on fair trade, remarkable and unique folk art, home decor and accessories!


African Baskets at Liquidation Sale

Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts, sits among the vibrant, fair trade, handmade African Baskets. Yes, they are part of our Liquidation Sale. Visit Topanien and choose yours.