Springtime Treasure and a Coconut Feast for the Eyes!

African Baskets - Oaxaca Alebrijes

Perennial favourites, back again!

They’re here! New arrivals from Mexico, bright new Coconut Masks and hand-carved Alebrije Rabbits, perfect  for Easter and Spring celebrations! Hop over to Topanien Global Gifts for old favorites and new treasures that will make you smile!

Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts  

Oaxacan Rabbit Alebrijes

Springtime Color from Africa & Mexico

African Bolga Baskets from Ghana are fair trade

and come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Decorate

Baskets with Spring flowers or set them out for the

Easter Bunny to fill.


Natural dyes of the African Baskets compliment the

vibrant shades of the Mexican Alebrijes, filling your

home with cheer from around the world.


Contemporary Throw Pillows - Mexican Coconut Masks

Contrasting color adds both spice and character to our homes.   Bring yours to life with
Contemporary Throw Pillows & Colorful Coconut Masks.


Coconut Mask Suns, Flowers, and more

Dreams of a distant sun calling my name… Mexico, I’m on my way!

Fair Trade Mexican Coconut Masks

In the Mexican state of Guerrero, coconut shells are used to make these whimsical masks. Though the shell dries hard, it is soft enough to carve and use in craft work. In the early 1950’s, tourists flowed to Acapulco and the locals found an outlet and income source for their traditional crafts. The profession flourished and today it is still in the state of Guerrero but has migrated from Acapulco to the mountain town of Taxco.  Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts, finds these hand-crafted, unique coconut masks and mermaid bowls and ships them back to share this Mexican Folk Art tradition with us.

This time they seem brighter and bolder than ever and we even have angels!

Fair Trade Mexican Angels
Pineapple Princess Coconut Mask

This Pineapple Princess is made from a coconut; you could almost call her
a ‘Piña Colada’ Princess.

Small Wooden Box Treasure Chest
Treasures of Topanien Global Gifts

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