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Haitian Metal ArtWhether you have a window box or an extensive garden, Haitian Metal Art is sure to fit your home. Multidimensional sculptures hand made from recycled steel oil drums have cheerful faces and the warmth of nature. Hanging from a wall, or nestled in a pot, they’re sure to make you smile.

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Topanien Global Gifts works hard to find sustainable, Fairly Traded goods and importers that support our values. We look for companies that work with artisans to ensure fair compensation and environmental awareness through Fair Trade Practices.




Haitian Metal Art - Fish Hooks

Haitian Metal Art - Fish Hooks



 These pieces are not only beautiful works of art but also can serve as a coat hook in the entry way or a hand towel rack for the bathroom.





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 Haitian Metal Art is great for the garden or patio. Pick any piece to put in a potted plant or hang from the fence.





The Haitian Metal Art is versatile and can go anywhere inside or out.

Mermaid Surprise

Hiding in the Caribbean lives a small Haitian village where the air rings with the sound of metal banging against metal. These sculptures are hand made with the simplicity of lost times and the imagination and innovation of a new world.

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This traditional cottage industry art of converting cast off steel oil drums into metal sculptures has been passed down through four generations in Haiti, in and around Port-au-Prince. It is a true mark of man’s imagination and his resourcefulness in the face of dire economic circumstances.

Haitian Metal Art
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With weather proof coating these works of art will endure. After years outside they will naturally acquire a red tint that accentuates its details. The shiny metal finish can be maintained by simply applying a spray-on enamel clear coat every year or two.  The sculptures will continue to look the same as the day you first displayed them.

Noah's Ark