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Exercise, a good nights sleep and healthy eating all contribute to our happy faces.  And, a Contemporary Miro Pillow, Tibetan Singing Bowl or Hummingbird Wind Chime from India will make us smile even broader.  Visit Topanien Global Gifts, online or in person!  Smile today! – Nadine, owner
Root Chakra Singing Bowl & Spiritual DecorationCrown Chakra Singing Bowl & Spiritual DecorationHeart Chakra Singing Bowl & Spiritual Decoration

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Singing Bowl for Meditation

Place the singing bowl on your palm and make as little contact with your skin as possible. Let the bowl sit freely. Gently hit the rim of singing bowl and then gently go around outside edge of the singing bowl with the side of the striker, keeping a little pressure on the stick while going around the bowl.  Absorb the seemingly miraculous sound emanating from the bowl.

Singing bowls are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being.  ASIAN SPIRITUAL DECOR –  Singing Bowls, Buddha Statues, Thai Spirit Houses…

Contemporary Miro Pillows – Miro Pillow Cover, Blue MoonMiro Throw Pillows – Miro Peces Cover, Ultra RedContemporary Miro Pillows – Beach Pillow Cover

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Inspirational Banners - Apache Blessing Banner
Inspirational Banners – Love, Buddha
Inspirational Banners: Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Camus, Rumi, Confucius, Aristotle…

“May the sun bring you more energy by day…” Apache Blessing Banner
Inspirational Banners, Singing Bowls and Contemporary Throw Pillows – remarkable gifts for extraordinary people at Topanien Global Gifts.

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India Bell Chimes - Meditation Bells

Ring the distinctive handmade chimes from India and allow the soothing, melodious echo to wash over you. India Bells Chimes are made through Fair Trade Practices.

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Book Boxes, Small Wooden Boxes from Poland, Fair Trade African Candles

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