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Himalayan Salt Lamps & Tea Light Holders

Salt Lamps
Autumn is on its way and with it comes dark days. But never fear Topanien is here with Himalayan Salt Lamps to help ease S.A.D and cleanse the air in your home, office or dorm. These lamps are the perfect house (and dorm) warming gift for anyone of any age!

Himalayan Salt Lamps





Home Decor:

Add a salt lamp to the bathroom as a night light or the office to ease stress and cleanse the air.

Untitled-1Himalayan Salt LampsWith fall comes more time inside and more time in front electronic devises, which release positively charged ions. Exposure to these positive ions can cause headaches, insomnia and lower energy levels.

Health Benefits:

Himalayan Salt Lamps As the Himalayan salt begins to heat up it emits a negatively charged ions that attaches to positive ions and pollutants in the air, effectively cleansing the air. Over time and use of the salt lamp you and your family will breath cleaner and sleep better.

Seasonal Benefits:Salt Lamps at Night

Himalayan salt lamps also provide relief from seasonal allergies and Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) by emitting negative ions that weigh down allergy causing pollutants while the worm red glow provides a positive ambiance throughout your home.


A good (cool and dark) night time environment is vital for hormone health, yet we often put lights in kids’ rooms. Using red tone lights (like these Himalayan salt lamps that also clean the air) in hallways and bathrooms so they could see to go to the bathroom if needed without any blue or white light to disrupt sleep.