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Rainbow Peacock





Alebrijes of Oaxaca, Mexico are an explosion of color, creativity and design.  The artists build on a tradition of wood work and painting that is a celebration of the imagination.  Peacocks, cats, armadillos, octopi and unicorns come alive at Topaninen Global Gifts.

Sending you a warm smile. -Nadine, owner & founder of Topanien Global Gifts







Dancing with a Star

feline friends














Vacationing and found a new friend. These friends are only in Mexico or at Topanien Global Gifts. Order yours today! Octopus Alebrije 









Swimming in Mexico. Returning to Oregon when weather improves.
A wall of decorative Mexican Coconut Fish will get you through the rain and snow of Winter.  Let laughter heal your blues. 

Topanien Global Gifts offers a daily dose of color and culture.


Just hop beside me & be my friend.

bunbunsRoyal Peacock of Mexico



Alebrijes of Oaxaca, Mexico  
Legend tells us that the first alebrijes were seen in a dream by Pedro Linares. Linares fell sick and during his convalescence he dreamt of a jungle filled with fantastical animals in every hue and color and with mixed up parts. Butterfly wings might be on a giraffe. Unicorns cavort with eagle headed lions and frogs have horns.


Preparing for Winter with laughter & smiles.

 Howling Wolves of San Martin Tilcajete





The colors of Mexico will warm your heart through the chilly days to come.






Arms thrashing with color, these Octopodes will be the wonder of our homes.








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