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Give us color and culture.  Challenge us to help, to create, to be different. We will become a community of the diverse and the unique. Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts – supporting  fair trade, multicultural exchanges of art, gifts, accessories, home decor and ideas.

Fair Trade Ornaments from Thailand

U.S.A. customer in Thailand learns about remarkable Holiday Ornaments.  Artisans appreciate the Fair Trade practices and living wages. – Angel Ornaments

Fair Trade Christmas Ornaments
Topanien Global Gifts

“I I don’t know how she did it but I was persuaded to purchse over 150 pompom strands.”  – Nadine, owner of Topanien supporting multicultural connections.  Pompom Strands available in physical store at 7832 SW Capitol Hwy., Portland, OR.

Fair Trade Holiday Ornaments

Fair Trade Certified Ornaments from Thailand support the artisans and their families without harming the environment.

Fair Trade African Candles

Fair Trade African Candles
Hand made and painted Tapers from South Africa.  The artisans earn a living wage and the environment is protected.

Topanien Global Gifts

“While in Mexico I work with people of all ages, gender, colors, and education levels.  I am with them on the streets, at the artisan markets and in their homes.  I have been working with the artisans of Mexico for over 15 years and going strong.”
– Nadine, owner of
Topanien Global Gifts

Fair Trade African Christmas Candles

Sub-Saharan Africa is rich in culture, landscapes and wildlife. A place where the bushman roams the blistering sands of the Kalahari by day and when the mighty African sun burns slowly into the horizon, you can hear the sounds of beasts in the darkness while the cosmos turn slowly above. It’s a place unlike anywhere else in the world, unmatched by beauty. It’s a living, breathing continent from which originates our remarkable Fair Trade African Christmas Candles.

Topanien Global Gifts Fair Trade

Connecting and learning from other cultures through Fair Trade!


Fair Trade Hanukkah Ornaments

Fair Trade Hanukkah Ornaments support our values as well as our fine taste.
Fair Trade Polish Small Wooden Boxes

The Small Wooden Boxes are hand crafted in Poland through fair trade practices.  Special chests and secret boxes are made completely of sweet Linden wood, all with feathered joints and raised edge construction.

Contemporary Artist Throw Pillows
Kashmiri artisans work together in a cottage industry. They handcraft the pillow covers from the design to the beautiful chain-stitch embroidery finish giving us the finest in the world. No child labor used and the artists earn a living wage. Picasso, Miro, Kandinsky, Matisse, and Klimt inspired designs.
Fair Trade Dachshund Christmas Ornament

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Topanien Global Gifts understands the importance of celebrating the colors of each community.