Napping with Van Gogh

Smile - Spring is Here!

Napping with Van Gogh

Spring is here so head out to the garden hammock or move to the sofa on the porch.  Bring your Miro and Van Gogh Pillows and enjoy a warm afternoon nap. Lay your sleepy head down and enjoy visions of lovely dreamscapes  inspired by the vibrant colors of Contemporary Throw Pillows.  Visit Topanien Global Gifts, online or in person!  – Nadine, owner

Van Gogh Pillows - Starry Night Pillow Cover - $54.97Miro Throw Pillows - Libelle Mit Roten Pillow Cover - $62.99Miro Pillows & Picasso, Kandinsky & Klimt Pillows

Brighten up your Miro collection for the season!

Klimt Tree of Life Pillow

Smile and shine! Fair trade artist-inspired pillow covers are hand-made in Kashmir, India.  Transform an old pillow by stuffing it into a Contemporary Pillow Cover and tickle your fancy with color and design.  Add a beautiful Klimt Tree of Life Pillow to your home and start your art collection today! 

Contemporary Klimt Pillow Cover, Tree of Life & Birds, blue - $62.99Klimt Throw Pillows – Swirls Pillow Cover - $54.99Klimt Throw Pillows – Marine 1 Pillow Cover - $54.99


Shop Contemporary Pillow Covers – Picasso, Miro, Kandinsky…

Inspirational Banners - Power of Love

Inspirational Banners remind us to be mindful of each other and the world around us through our actions as well as our words.
Power of Love Banner, blue     *     Inspirational Banners     *    Power of Love Banner, red
Inspirational Banners: Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Camus, Rumi, Confucius, Aristotle…

“May the sun bring you more energy by day…” Apache Blessing Banner
Inspirational Banners, Singing Bowls and Contemporary Throw Pillows – remarkable gifts for extraordinary people at Topanien Global Gifts.


Klimt Throw Pillows - Peacock Swirl Pillow Cover

Humans aren’t the only ones that love fair trade wool pillows! Give your furry friend a place of beauty and comfort to nap.  Klimt Peacock Swirl Pillow Cover

Topanien Global Gifts Makes Us Smile!

The Kiss Inspired Picasso Pillow

Pablo Picasso – The Kiss
Rendered with wool in bright colors, The Kiss Pillow Cover, depicts an interpretation of a sculpture, rather than Picasso’s painting of the same name. Sublime sweetness and affectionate warmth come through this multi-colored, merging of faces in wool. Refresh your style for spring! Find the perfect piece to compliment any room, no matter your color scheme.

Picasso Pillow Cover Provincial Town

Picasso Provincial Town Wall Hanging

Wall Hangings – Choose Picasso, Miro, Kandinsky, Klimt or Matisse?
‘In Our America…’ signs still available in the store!

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