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Cat Complications Accent Pillow - $65.99

Topanien Global Gifts - Mexican Coconut Masks & Oaxaca Alebrijes

Have fun and break from those big box stores with Topanien Global Gifts where we make everyone in your home smile!   Choose color and culture to enhance your rooms.  Coconut Masks, Fish and Mermaids from Mexico are bright, attractive and easy to display.

Nadine, owner of Topanien Global Gifts  

Mexican Coconut Masks - Fair Trade

Mexican Coconut Princess Masks

Giraffe Accent Pillow Embellishment

This friend can keep a secret. Lay your head down and share in your bedroom, living room, den, or office.
Giraffe Accent Pillow Embellishment!

Elephant Accent Pillow Embellishment
This guy sleeps where ever he wants but would rather go home with you.
Elephant Accent Pillow Embellishment
Japanese Cat Cycling Dish Set
Indoor cats keep in shape, biking between cat naps.  Cycling Cat Dishes
Japanese Cat Party Line Coffee Cups

Keep in touch, even long distance. Totally unique coffee cups from Japan.
Japanese Cat Party Line Coffee Cups

Fair Trade African Safari Pillows

Look great on the patio, bed or even strewn about the family room.
Fair Trade, African Safari Pillows, batik

Fair Trade African Safari Pillows
Mexican Folktale:  Believing that her love has died at war, Princess Iztaccíhuatl dies of grief. Her betrothed,  Popocatépetl, returns victorious and is shocked to learn of the Princesses death.   As he kneels before his lost love, snow covers them, and they are both transformed into volcanoes. Fair Trade Coconut Princess Masks from Mexico.
Japanese Black Cat Coffee Cup, Balloons - $24.99

Japanese Black Cat Coffee Cup
Holds approximately 8 ounces of liquid and is microwave safe.
Fair Trade

Cat Complications Accent Pillow

This cat won’t shed.  Relax and absorb the warm colors of this happy cat. You can almost hear him purr.  Cat Complications Accent Pillow

Japanese Tea Cups - Specialty Coffee Cups

Japanese artists are presenting us with a new mix of traditional and contemporary Tea Cup designs. One very serious black Parisian cat cycles intently around your Japanese Cup.

Tea for One First Friday Special

Swimming with Mermaids
The Mexican Coconut Masks are hand-crafted in the state of Guerrero. The coconut shell is soaked for softening and then scraped clean. Creative artisans allow the shells to dry, hardening to the consistency of wood, before turning these simple vessels into masks of suns, fruit, animals or even princesses and mermaids.

Aztec Design Alebrijes of Oaxaca, Mexico

Animal Magnetism
Topanien Global Gifts features colorful folk art and supports hand work world wide.  We are dedicated to engaging talents of artisans and adapting to our environment needs as well as pursing and preserving traditions and cultures in different parts of the globe. The
Rooster Accent Pillow is a spectacular example of Indian craft.

Japanese Cycling Cat Mini Plate

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<<< Biking in Japan is usually on the sidewalk.  Police will even direct bikers off the road and onto the sidewalk even though this is illegal.  Japanese Cycling Cat Mini Plates.