Outdoor Summer Living

Many of us are city dwellers though those in the burbs and even the country still find patio furniture pretty grubby after a long winter. The time has come to begin sprucing up and getting ready for outdoor Summer living. After the work  is done, treat yourself with a gift to freshen up your patio. Discover Indoor Outdoor Pillows at Topanien Global Gifts.  Cleaning Tip below.Indoor Outdoor Pillows

Tip: Most grime, mildew and mold can easily be removed with warm (or cold if you’re out on the lawn) water, a stiff brush and some elbow grease. For indoor outdoor cushions use a mild detergent and a cloth.  For garden furniture, use a mild detergent and a stiff brush. Work on a sunny, warm day to allow all to dry before adding a new pillow or an attractive throw for cooler evenings.

Indoor Outdoor Pillows - Sunflowers