Hidden in Plain Sight – Book Boxes




Worried about a break in? Concerned about your privacy? Hide your valuables in plain sight with decorative Book Boxes. Fits on your bookshelves easily and your items are camouflaged from spying eyes.

Think passport, checkbooks, bank statement, incriminating letters…


 VIDEO: Hide It From the Government



<<< Keep your precious gems hidden away from jewel thieves in a book box. and…






Slip your investment portfolio into a stylish book box, slide it on the shelf and none will be the wiser. >>>

Don’t get caught eavesdropping, fool your friends and listen in on others by “reading” a book box.



bookbox4 Create your own survival kit with a large book box. They are the perfect size for several maps, a passport, first aid kit, a few rations for the road and an untraceable phone.


“I store my keys, my money and my phone in my book box.”




 Cash is best kept stashed – in a Book Box. But remember, which is a box or a book?

Magnetic Book Boxes



Use book boxes to create ‘bonus birthday gifts’! Wrap a gift, hide it in a book box than wrap the book box!