GIFT & DECOR IDEAS: Market and Beyond!

Gift & Decor Ideas - Baskets and Beyond



basket_parkinglot    The sun is bright, the days are warm, and fairs and farmers’ markets are springing up everywhere. Some people use bags or backpacks, but at Topanien Global Gifts, we like to contribute to the market atmosphere by using these wild, fair trade baskets from Ghana.

Each basket is a unique work of art, handcrafted using traditional materials and methods, and since they come in all different shapes and sizes, there is a basket out there for everyone!



The fun and flair of these baskets doesn’t end when you get home from market, though! Fruits and vegetables can easily be moved from a large market basket to one that fits on your kitchen counter or dining table for a fresh, delicious centerpiece.

Toy Baskets - all natural



<<< Baskets work for humans of every size and
Cats like’m too! >>> Cat Throw Pillows




The African Baskets are each an original, can be shaped with warm water, have strong handles, are available in many colors or in all natural and, are affordable works that will last and be useful for many years.
Choose your baskets today >>> African BasketsAfrican Baskets

Don a basket as helmet and head out to the garden for harvest time.  You are protected from the sun, balls hurling over the fence and even bird poop won’t penetrate this tight weave.
Harvest Baskets

 The Harvest is coming in and we’re filling our baskets!

Harvest Baskets