Fill your African Baskets with Fun!

African Baskets - Fair Trade Bolga Basket


Farmers Markets

Summer is here! Farmers markets, parks and pools await you. Shop the market with Fairly Traded Harvest Shoppers Baskets, pack your picnics in  African Bolga Baskets and put kids snacks in a small Bolga Basket. These beautiful hand-woven African Baskets are all natural, made from the local ‘elephant grass’. The grass grows wild and is harvested, dried into straw and then woven by the women of the village. The men tan the goat hides and work the leather onto the handles. They are made in the historic village of Bolgatanga,  Ghana, Africa. The artisans are mainly farm families who supplement their income by making and selling baskets.

Shaping Tip: To re-shape and strengthen your African Basket first, wet baskets with lukewarm water. Then, shape basket with hands. Finally, set basket upside down and let dry.

1. Wet basket
2. Shape basket
3. Let basket dry upside down








Owner of Topanien Globa Gifts, Nadine Lefkowitz, shaping her African Basket.

African Baskets - Fair Trade Bolga Basket, 14N

Hanging out pool side or jumping in the water, you will want to carry your pool necessities  easily. African Bolga Baskets are perfect for towels, water bottles, and sunscreen.pool basket

Pack the kids lunches in these small African Baskets.

Small Baskets

African Baskets make great gifts for birthdays and house warming’s. Put in a cotton comforter  and decorative throw pillows. Or fill an African Basket with fresh fruit and a bottle of wine.









Use an African Bolga Basket to keep dog toys neatly off the floor.basketdogtoys1_mL

African Baskets - Fair Trade Bolga Basket, 12LWhether you need an African Basket for markets, pools, gifts, or toys, Topanien  is sure to have the right one for you!