Un-First Friday in The Village – Jan 8

December at Topanien - Holiday in the Village

Everyone in Multnomah Village loves First Friday – the people, the, events, the energy— the snacks. The next First Friday is coming in January – with a twist! Since January 1st is on a Friday, and most of the local businesses will be closed, we have instead moved the even to the next week – for a fabulous Un-First Friday!
75% OFF all Holiday at Topanien Global Gifts & 50% off assorted gifts, décor and accessories!

Un-First Friday

Kicking off the year on the second Friday of the month rather than the first – save the date! January 8th, 2016! We’ll see you then!
Golden Ticket Raffle Prizes - 2015Golden Tickets in Multnomah Village and Hillsdale: Shop locally, and enjoy the benefits! Everyone does something different, and here at Topanien, we have a special holiday prize package drawing – two of them in fact!

December at Topanien – Holidays in the Village

Check out the picture to the right, figure out which you like best, and come down to the shop to enter today!

Holiday Gala & Benefit

Topanien Ext. - Holiday Gala

It hardly seems like we are half-way through the month already, and yet here we are, just about there. The Holiday Gala has been and gone but it is still hopping here in Multnomah Village, with plenty of shopping days left to go; the days are shorter, but the hours are later, and even if winter is coming right around the corner, spirits are warm and friendly.

Goodie Bags

In Multnomah Village and Hillsdale, Golden Tickets are going strong, with prizes, treats, and deals all ’round! The giving carries on here at Topanien, where we still have out Holiday Goodie Bags for everyone who spends $50 or more in-store, so come on down and get one – while they last! Enjoy upbeat music while you shop with Jazz, Blues, and French Christmas and Holiday music; if you like what we’re playing, ask for a CD, but do it quickly, because they go faster than the goodie bags!

Gifts Online

Cambodian Handbags – The Wave Mini, red - $39.99We love it when you come to visit us in Multnomah Village, but we know that not everyone can; sometimes time and distance keep us apart, no matter how we wish otherwise–! That’s okay though, because you can still get wonderful gifts for everyone on your list without setting foot outside your warm, comfy home. Women's Winter Scarves - Alpaca Scarf, hunter green - $19.99

For the fashionista, we have a variety of fair trade handbags, stylish and warm women’s winter scarves, women’s hats, and more! Many of our styles are unisex, or suitable for men as well – like the gorgeous hunter green alpaca scarf to the right!




Small Wooden Box - Treasure Chest - $42.99Or maybe you have someone who appreciates fine, Old World craftsmanship? If so, we have beautiful lindenwood boxes from Poland in a variety of sizes. These small wooden boxes are perfect for storing keepsakes, jewellery, and just about anything else that you can fit in them!

Perfect for people of almost any age, these boxes come in a variety of motifs as well as sizes:

Small Wooden Box, Pirate Chest - $39.99Small Wooden Box - Elephant, Secret Lock Old World Map Small Wooden Box from Poland - $62.99

All of that is just the tip of the iceberg – we have so much more that this blog could go on for pages! Instead of doing that though, we’ll just say – check out the rest of the site. If you like this, you’ll like that.

Fundraising Success!

Our Holiday Benefit this year was for the Hand-In-Hand Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel. Over four hours, we raised $275, so if you came by to do some shopping that night, a big thank you from them, and from us here at Topanien! Here’s hoping we do as well next year. In the meantime, you should go check them out – they’re really good people, doing a lot of good work.

Hand In Hand - Circle

Of course, that’s not the only activism we’ve had going on. Last Friday, the shop owner, Nadine, joined our local Portland Oregon chapter of Amnesty International for the annual Write for Rights Campaign.  Letters are written and sent to prisoners of conscience and the governments holding them throughout the year but once a year AI makes a big push to really inundate the governments with a barrage of letters to get them to make some positive changes before year end.

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