A Color Revolution

Women's Scarves in Color

Color is one of the greatest parts of being human. Now, why would I say that? Looked at objectively, color is only a word that we use to designate a particular part of the electromagnetic spectrum; no different, ultimately, from radio, microwaves, or x-rays. And yet, color defines our world!

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The green of grass and trees, the blue of a clear sky, the burning orange, purple, and red of a sunset… They move us, and inspire us in ways that nothing else does. For hundreds of years, use of color in most homes has been limited by a combination of custom and circumstance—and cost. Rich hues, particularly in red and purple, were just too expensive for any but the very wealthiest to afford. Now, brilliant colors are available to everyone, no matter who they are, and here at Topanien Global Gifts, we like to bring them to you!

Cast you walls with color and open your eyes to magical mermaids, friendly felines daring dragonflies and smiling Suns with our decorative ceramic tiles.

Decorative Tiles - Koi MermaidDecorative Tiles, ceramicCeramic Sun Tile

Playing with color. Playing with friends.

Women's Scarves in ColorHanging Butterflies - Butterfly Strand

   Let your imagination soar with bright hanging butterflies from Thailand in all the colors of a rainbow.

Hand-painted African Candles come in a dazzling variety of color combinations, each one brighter than the last, and with Valentine’s Day swiftly coming upon us, now might be a good time to nab some of those red and pink candles to help set the mood—before everyone gets the same idea. Red candles are also perfect for the Chinese New Year, which is less than a week after Valentine’s in 2015! African Candles of Love

Pocket Charms of Love        Speaking of RED: Bold and classic, held in esteem across cultures and throughout history, denoting love, passion, wealth, and good fortune. It is often paired with orange and yellow to conjure the image of flames—life-giving primordial fire, the comforts of home and hearth, summer-time celebrations, or safety and warmth on the darkest days. African Sculpture - Star Heart, red
Together with purple and gold, red can easily evoke a sense of sumptuous wealth and royalty, and we all know what red and green make us think of. Whether it’s a primary feature, or an accent to the whole, red, and its paler cousin pink, never fail to catch the eye.

Contemporary Kandinsky PillowContemporary Pillows - Floral Bloom Accent Pillow

Beautiful inspirational banners can also help you ring in the Year of the Sheep with lucky colors in red, and green—the bold colour of the Lao Tzu Love  Inspirational Banner evokes love, passion, and courage for the year ahead, while the bright green bracketing the Dalai Lama’s words on happiness should refresh you and give you a clear head as you move forward. Green is also a good colour for Capricorn, the Western Zodiac sign that rules most of January. So is blue, and as we head into February, blue is still a good color for Aquarius as well, and so is grey—though Aquarians aren’t the only people who will appreciate the Buddha’s thoughts on thoughts Inspirational Banner.
Inspirational Banners - Banners with Quotes

Whether we choose colors for their meaning, for the feelings they evoke, or even because we plain like them, there is no doubt that color is an important part of our lives these days.  Invoke the vibrancy and mood colors in your home with decor, gifts and accessories from Topanien Global Gifts.   Inspirational Banners