Cool Cats; Cat Throw Pillows and more!


Beat the heat and enjoy the comfort of these Fairly Traded Cotton Cat Throw Pillows


Create your own ‘cool’ décor with soft blues and relaxed yellows. Add a few accent throw pillows to your bed, couch or favorite chill-out spot in your home. Decorate with your favorite feline face and maybe a few birds.






These pillows are made of light weight cotton, under fair trade practices in India, the hand applique is done by women of India. The fresh colors,  playful kitties and birds create a fun yet relaxing environment for you to enjoy during  hot summer evenings.




These pillows are great to take out to the hammock or porch swing and relax while watching the vibrant colors of  summer sunsets. When the sun goes to sleep under the horizon and it’s time to curl up on the couch with your feline friend and a good book or your favorite movie, don’t forget to take your cotton throw pillows with you.

basket_comforter_pillow1  Baskets of Cats

Give cat throw pillows to your feline loving friends or yourself and enjoy the crisp, fresh feeling of fairly traded accent throw pillows. Add a fairly traded African basket and cotton comforter.