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Love is our true destiny.
We do not find the
meaning of life by ourselves alone
we find it with another.

-Thomas Merton, Inspirational Banner

with quotes by such notables as Gandhi, Buddha, Lao Tzu…

Eclipse Mexican Coconut Masks

Eclipse Mexican Coconut Masks

  A delicate pair of faces, shining with bright eyes and puckered lips.  The moon looks a little put out but the sun shows no remorse.  She is a Mexican Sun Princess with rouged cheeks and painted lips.

Mexican Garden Fairy Princess

In the Mexican state of Guerrero, coconut shells are used to make these whimsical Princesses.   In the early 1950’s, tourists flowed to Acapulco for the traditional crafts made by the locals.  The profession flourished and today, still in the state of Guerrero but now in the mountain town of Taxco, Nadine, owner and buyer for Topanien Global Gifts, finds this unique coconut decor.

Inspirational Banners

Mainstream is great for comfort but adventure is what we’re after. Take a step off the beaten path. Forge a new trail and show off your unique style at Topanien Global Gifts.  Be a part of our adventure.

Desert & Cactus Princesses of Mexico - Mexican Coconut Masks

Desert and Cactus Princesses of Mexico
The slightly prickly Mexican Princesses oversee their subjects with love and compassion.  Come be one of their royal subjects at Topanien Global Gifts

Gandhi Inspirational Banner

“Hey, the quotes on these Banners are amazing and my friends are going to love them!  …like this one from Gandhi”  >>>

must be the change
we wish to see
in the world.


Walk Beside Me Banner - Camus

with quote by
Albert Camus

Albert Camus was a Nobel Prize winning French novelist, journalist, and philosopher. Considered an existentialist by most, although disliking such a label himself, he often wrote about Absurdism, or dualism, which explores the realm of humans seeking value and meaning to their lives, and not finding any.

Mexican Mermaid Coconut Masks

Mexican Mermaid Coconut Masks

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Mexican Mermaid Coconut Bowls

Mexican Mermaid Coconut Bowls

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Mexican Sun Coconut Masks

Mexican Sun Coconut Masks of Taxco
Serious Sun & White Hot Sun