Chinese Tea Cups and Garden Parties

Chinese Tea Cups

Unwind and purify yourself at the end of a long summer’s day with a cup of fresh ginger tea in your favorite Chinese Tea Cup or throw a tea part for your friends and you with Japanese Teapots at Topanien Global Gifts.
Tea Recipe: Peel and slice fresh ginger root, place in tea cup or teapot (use a screen to easily take ginger out after steeping). Heat water to almost boiling. Pore hot water over ginger, let set for 3-5 minutes and enjoy! Add fresh mint leaves for a relaxing flavor and aroma or lemon and honey to sooth all your senses.
teapot_2193ateacup_0672 Tea for your Chinese Teacups!





Chinese Tea Cups
Chinese Tea Cups


Tip: Indigenous cultures all over South America have been drinking Yerba Mate Tea in the morning for centuries. Now you don’t have to travel far to enjoy this delicious alternative to coffee, simply  go to your  local market and purchase Yerba Mate from the tea aisle. Steep in cast iron teapot  for 3-5 minutes.  Add honey or agave to sweeten naturally and enjoy!











Create an afternoon get away for your friends and you with a Garden Tea Party complete with Tea Sets, finger sandwiches and the perfect Fair Trade Cotton Table Cloth and Napkins .

tablecloths_napkins1_mt Finger Sandwiches:  Cream cheese and cucumbers sprinkled with dill on a white bread makes a perfect savory treat for tea time. Want something sweeter?  Cream cheese and sliced strawberries on  sweet wheat bread is a great compliment to tea parties. Cut the crusts off and slice into triangles for classic finger sandwiches and serve on a beautifully painted serving platter.