Bakkakkoii – Social Gaff Turns Awesome in Japan

Humorous or Provocative - Bakakkoii

Humorous or Provocative

Turning the tables is ‘Bakakkoii’ in Japan, a slang word that means ‘stupid-cool.’ You drop your phone and a friend scoops it up before it hits the floor. This becomes Bakkakkoii. You accidently kick your shoe off playing ball in the park and a friends dog catches it. This becomes Bakkakkoii. Moments of idiocy turn into awesome tricks others will imitate.

“The YouTube user nodakouhei12345 popularized this trend with a series of videos that were the inspiration for Nissin’s new Cup Noodles ad, featuring Kanna Hashimoto and her music group, Rev. From DVL. The principal of the school shouts “you’re late!” so, Kanna and her friends set about taking care of their tasks as fast as they can. Step one? Take off your shoes. This is followed by “gominoes” a play on the japanese word for garbage and dominoes. Each successive “bakakkoii” stunt is more impressive and it won’t surprise you to learn that it took over 600 takes to accomplish all of them. When the “three forks” trick succeeds, the look of happiness on Kanna’s face must also be one of relief.” – thank you,