Autumn Accessories and Decor

Autumn Scarves - Alpaca Scarves

Is that a chill in the air? Are the leaves falling already? Autumn winds are blowing in and bringing great fall fashions and home decor with it.  Candles, Baskets, Pillows and Autumn Scarves!

Eliana is ready for fall with her Fair Trade bolga basket! Great for school lunches and trick-or-treating. Get your African baskets for fall harvest festivals, pumpkin patches, and farmers markets!


African Baskets - Trick-or-Treat Baskets




Stay cozy and warm without out sacrificing style  in  Alpaca Scarves. Great for men and women, available in many colors to customize your fall wardrobe.

Alpaca Scarves for Men  Alpaca Scarves










Add a hat to your Alpaca Scarf to stay warm and express your fall fashions. With hats and beanies for men and women your sure to find your style.

Women’s Hats – Autumn Cloche

Women's Hats - Beanie, red

Women's Hats - Two Tone & Bow, blackJazz up your home when the weather is dreary with Artist Inspired Contemporary Pillows

contemporary pillows - picasso, klimt, matisse...
Picasso – Lady in Vogue
Contemporary Pillows - Picasso Martini Women, Evening
Picasso – Martini Woman
picasso, miro, kandinsky, klimt & matisse pillows
Contemporary Pillows – Klimt
Contemporary Pillows - Kandinsky Musical
Contemporary Pillows – Kandinsky Musical


Contemporary Throw Pillows - Kandinsky Shine OnContemporary Pillows - Prairie School

and Prairie School, Kandinsky, Miro, Matisse…

Curl up at the end of the day with a hot apple cider, contemporary throw pillows and enjoy the warm glow of fair trade African candles

African Candles – Tapers, Harvest
African Candles – Tapers, Harvest
African Candles – Tapers, Glowing Embers
African Candles – Tapers, Glowing Embers