Kandinsky Throw Pillows - Triangle Pillow Cover - $54.97               The artist and his cat, Waska.


Wassily Kandinsky is one of the most colourful and quixotic of the artists featured here at Topanien – and not just for his bold, bright style. Born and raised in Russia in the late 19th century, Kandinsky had an early talent and love for both music and art, but at his parents’ wishes, he went on to become a lawyer, first in Moscow where he studied, and later as a Professor of Law at Derpt University in Tartu, Estonia.

Kandinsky Throw Pillows - Mit Und Gegen Pillow Cover - $54.97He had by all accounts a successful career in law, until he saw an exhibit of the works of French Impressionists (e.g. Monet), which he said had such a great emotional impact on him that he gave up law to paint full time. He moved to Munich, and studied composition and form at several schools, before finally founding one himself, as well as several artists’ groups. Eventually, he returned to Russia for a few years, before joining the Bauhaus in Germany, where he flourished until the rise of the Third Reich forced him and his wife to flee for Paris.Kandinsky Throw Pillows - Varayagi Pillow Cover - $54.97

Throughout his life, Kandinsky’s art continued to evolve, and grow more abstract and symbolic instead of representative, culminating in the ‘Biomorphic Abstraction’ that characterizes many of the artist-inspired pillows we carry. As well as being a forerunner of abstraction in art, Kandinsky was a prominent art theorist, publishing works likening colour to music, and art to prophesy.

Some believe that Kandinsky’s wild creativity and vision are a result of his synesthesia; since he ‘saw’ music as colour, perhaps the things that he wrote on seemed perfectly obvious to him. Regardless, he continues to inspire, and provide colour and creativity to our home and yours.


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