Van Gogh Pillows - Starry Night Pillow Cover - $54.97           Vincent van Gogh - Selfportrait.

Though today he is one of the most famous painters who ever lived, in his own time Vincent van Gogh was almost completely unknown; he died poor and obscure. It’s hard for the modern audience to comprehend – who, after all, doesn’t know his Starry Night? Of course, at the same time, what the modern audience also seldom realizes is that that painting, along with several famous works, such as Irises, were painted during his time in an asylum.

Despite this, he is still known as a ‘troubled’ artist – or a ‘crazy’ one – who engaged in dramatic antics, such as cutting off his own ear, proposing to his widowed cousin, preaching and ministering to impoverished coal miners and their families… All of this barely scratches the surface of Impressionism’s most enigmatic painter. Colourful, mercurial, argumentative, passionate – all these words and more have been used to describe both van Gogh himself, and the works he has left behind.

Our van Gogh pillows take their inspiration from some of his most famous works – including the above-mentioned Starry Night and Irises.

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