Picasso Throw Pillows – Town 1 Pillow Cover - $59.97      A portrait of Pablo Picasso.

One of the most famous and influential artists of the 20th century, Spanish artist Pablo Ruiz y Picasso was a man of many diverse artistic talents, including painting, sculpting, ceramics, print-making and so many more. Best known today for his paintings, he was also the inventor of constructed sculpture, and noted for a number of important developments in other visual arts well.

Picasso’s talent was evident even in his youth, when painted with a naturalistic style, before moving on to explore a succession of different styles and techniques, revolutionizing the art world with his wide-ranging talents and imagination. Aside from his Cubist work, Picasso’s best-known periods include his Blue Period, Rose Period, and African Period, each referencing an influence or a thematic colour that dominated his work during that time.

His works cover everything from the ordinary, daily lives of the people, to the horrors of war, to the strangely sublime and grotesque, and here at Topanien, our collection of inspired Picasso throw pillows captures a little bit of them all. Take our ‘The Kiss’ pillow.

'The Kiss' sculpture.
Tip your head to the side!

Picasso Throw PIllows - The Kiss, Purple - $59.97
Rendered with wool in bright colors, it depicts an interpretation of a sculpture, rather than his painting of the same name. Sublime sweetness and affectionate warmth come through in both, but the sculpture offers more room for interpretation in a different medium, such as textiles.



Other contemporary Picasso Style Pillow Covers draw from his printmaking, ceramics, or paintings – some of them from more than one! His many depictions of dachshunds give the clear inspiration for the ‘City Dog’ pillow, and likewise his horses for the ‘The Horse’ pillow. Look around – maybe you can recognize some of the other pieces that influenced and inspired these contemporary throw pillows.

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