Artisan Update – Colombian Clocks by Liliana Otalora

Time in Motion Clocks - Fair Trade


Liliana working under Fair Trade Conditions


These colorful and creative clocks and metal sculptures are designed by Liliana Otalora and handmade in Bogota, Columbia from partially recycled metal. You can see her on the right hard at work herself.






ladies workiungFollowing the principles of Fair Trade, Oxidos enrolls skillful artisans who learn Liliana’s techniques to fabricate, paint, and ornament our Time in Motion Clocks.  She hires people from poorer social classes at good wages, including many women who are eager to learn new skills.




Time in Motion Tree Clock, fair trade - $45.99

Cat & Mouse Motion Clock, pink - $49.99


These handcrafted products, Art Clocks, are far from mass produced.  Small imperfections or tiny differences between one product and another are an important value to Liliana and make each of her products unique.  We hope these whimsical designs will make you smile, minute by minute.



CIMG5780CIMG2437A lot of hard work and many different crafting techniques go into the creation of these Fair Trade Certified  clocks; from welding and cutting sheet metal, to delicately hand painted detailing, the artisans who work on Liliana’s designs have a great many skills at their disposal, and often even more by the time they move on.

There’s an elephant in the room.  Don’t we know it!Elephant in the Room