A Fool’s First Friday – Real Flower Earring Sale

A Fool's First Friday - Multnomah Village

We are not fooling when we announce that Multnomah Village is open late on First Fridays including this First Friday which falls on April Fool’s Day! Join us for fun, treats, music and specials.  Stores are open until 9:00 pm.  Topanien Global Gifts will be offering a sweet deal on all Classic Circle and Oval Dangles with Real Flowers!

Classic Circle Real Flower Earrings

Regular $17.99 but to
Celebrate April Fool’s Day Classic Circle and Oval Real Flower Earrings will be $14.99 a pair!
Classic Oval Real Flower Earrings

Real Flower EarringsReal Flower Jewelry Garden

Growing flowers for the Jewelry.