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Fair Trade African Baskets

African Baskets - Weavers of Ghana Fair Trade in Ghana, Africa
Hand-woven in Ghana, these Fair Trade Baskets are made mainly by farm families from the historic town of Bolgatanga, Ghana. Aptly named, the baskets are called Bolga Baskets. The African Bolga Baskets are all natural baskets made from elephant grass. They are dyed with natural plant pigments and finished with goat hide handles. The elephant grass grows wild and is harvested, dried into straw and then, woven mainly by the women of the village. The men primarily tan the goat hides and work the leather handles of these African Baskets.

African Baskets Bolga Baskets - fair trade

 African Bolga Baskets

Women generally weave the baskets while the men work the sturdy, leather handles for the baskets.  Farm families supplement their unpredictable crop income through the basket industry. They have been weaving and selling these hand crafted baskets for generations. The purchase of the Bolga Baskets helps the farmers of Bolgatana.

African Baskets, fair trade

Re-shaping the Baskets

The specialized weaving process and leather handles makes these baskets strong and flexible. They can be easily reshaped or washed by wetting them with warm water and forming them with your hands. The all natural dyes do a run a little and so you do not want to get a wet basket against your clothes.

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Fair Trade African Baskets

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