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Women’s Winter Fringe Scarf Yellow Taupe


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Women’s Winter Scarves such as the Women’s Winter Fringe Scarf Yellow Taupe are casual statements of style and color while keeping us snug and warm.  The Fringe Scarves are two-toned and at over 6 feet long you can wrap them twice with ends left over to tuck into your coat. They are available in four colors so you can get some for friends without duplicating your own or, purchase them for yourself and enjoy the color choices daily.

There are many reasons to have a small piece of fabric around; swipe the table clean, wipe the fingers dry or to remove smudges from a pair of glasses. Then, there is also the use of a fabric for protection from the elements and as a fashion statement. This is what we call the ‘scarf.’ Scarves are used to complete an outfit, make a statement and as protection from the weather. The Women’s Winter Fringe Scarf is an incredibly warm and attractive scarf, available in a wonderful array of colors to go with all of your outfits.

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color: yellow taupe
size: 23.5 by 74.5 inches
fabric: acrylic
features: taupe stripe, taupe fringe

One Women’s Winter Fringe Scarf Yellow Taupe.