Women’s Summer Two-Tone Straw Boater Hat


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The Women’s Summer Two-Tone Straw Boater Hat is a classic Women’s Boating Hat excellent for sun and light rain protection while giving you style to match the season. The website hathistory.org gives us a little Boater Hat background:

“The boater, a stiff straw hat with a moderately deep, flat-topped crown encircled by a petersham ribbon and a flat narrow brim, was universally popular with men and women for the country, the seaside and boating. From 1880-1920, the boater was a requisite for the tennis court and picnic, and worn by men and women alike for casual summer wear. Another hat worn by the seaside was the helmet, made of cloth with a small brim and a helmet-shaped sectional crown.

The humble sublimity of the straw hat swept with all its glory through the 1890s—1920s. The boater, so called because it originally topped off the striped blazer and flannel trouser outfit worn by young men while rowing, developed into the universal style for both men and women. American men wore the boater with a modest brim, slightly tilted on the head in a cocky mode, embellished only with a wide, striped grosgrain or silk hatband.”

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Light but durable straw woven tightly and adorned with a wide black ribbon encircling a 3 inch brim to from this attractive summer accessory. One Women’s Summer Two-Tone Straw Boater Hat with 3 inch brim.