Women’s Pink Stripe & Vine Summer Scarf


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Swathes of pink and beige stripes enlivened with a tangle of blue vines adorn the Women’s Pink Stripe & Vine Summer Scarf.  The billowy, shades of antique pink fabric conjures up images of champagne brunch under a wide expanse of blue skies.  Enjoy strolling through the garden, across the lawn and around the rose bushes as the scarf around your neck flows out behind you.

The ‘scarf’ originated in Rome, where its purpose was to help people keep clean.  The whole fashion statement idea came later. As a cleaning cloth it was called a sudarium, meaning “sweat cloth.”  It was used by working men who would carry one while working in hot weather to combat perspiration. A man would have it around his neck or on his belt.  It wasn’t until the1800’s that people began to see the ‘scarf’ as a fashion statement when the scarves were made in ornate patterns out of expensive silk for the aristocracy.  As less expensive fabrics became available such as rayon, the scarf grew in popularity until it became a main stay of women’s fashion and even men were using this simple and attractive adornment.

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One, Women’s Pink Stripe & Vine Summer Scarf, polyester, approximately 71 by 37 inches.