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Cambodian Handbags – Clam Shell Purse, speckled black


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Support Fair Trade and enjoy a stylish, light weight and durable clam shell shaped Purse. These Cambodian Handbags are made with joy and pride by the experienced artisans of Cambodia. Purses are hand woven of sustainable Rush grass, and bags are fair trade certified guaranteeing the craftspeople a living wage, safe working conditions and protection for the environment. If sending Cambodian Handbags to a friend, request FREE gift wrapping during your checkout!

Durable handbag is fully lined and made with two inner zippered pouches and three compartments for eyeglasses, cell phone and pens. Top of handbag zips securely closed. Two straps for easy carrying in your hand or slinging over your shoulder.

Product Features:
*Fully lined interior
*Multiple inside pockets
*Secures shut with zipper

Care: Treat this bag the way you would treat any fine accessory. While extended dampness can damage the purse, occasional exposure to the elements is addressed by simply drying the inside of the bag. Light cleaning can be done with a damp cloth or brush. Do not over pack bag. With normal use, Women’s Handbags should last for years.

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One Fair Trade, lined, Handbag Purse approximately 8.5 by 10 by 4 inches Cambodian Handbag, Clam, speckled black.