White Hot Sun Mexican Coconut Mask


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Hang the Serious Sun Mexican Coconut Mask in your home for a spot of warmth and culture.  This is a delicate face, shining with bright eyes and puckered lips.  Encirlcled  with a wreath of delicate rays, this white sun princess is a picture of heat and color.  She is a Mexican Sun Princess with rouged cheeks and painted lips.  Give this Coconut Mask as gift for someone with a sense of humor who appreciates bit of whimsy. If giving as a gift, request free gift wrapping during your check out.

A Mexican myth tell us that, “Before leaving for war, Popocatépetl proclaimed his love for Princess Iztaccíhuatl’s.  Left behind, Pricess Iztaccihuatl incorrectly hears that Popocatépetl has been killed in battle. “The princess died of grief after she heard this news. Popocatépetl returned victorious but was shocked by the princess’s death. To honor her, he ordered a tomb to be built close to the sun. Ten hills were united to create a mountain. Popocatépetl laid the princess’s body at the mountaintop, and the whole mountain took on the form of a sleeping woman. Then as the warrior kneeled before his lost love, snow covered them, and they both transformed into volcanoes.” – Folktales of Mexico, Wikipedia.

In the Mexican state of Guerrero, coconut shells are used to make these whimsical masks.  Though the shell dries hard, it is soft enough to carve and use in craft work. In the early 1950’s, tourists flowed to Acapulco and the locals found an outlet and income source for their traditional crafts.  The profession flourished and today, still in the state of Guerrero but now in the mountain town of Taxco, Nadine, owner and buyer for Topanien Global Gifts, finds these unique coconut masks and mermaid bowls.

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Coconuts are sliced in half, cleaned and sometimes, other organic materials, are added to the shell before painting begins. Masks are then hand painted with acrylic paints on the coconut shell and finished in Taxco, Mexico. Each piece is hand crafted and so expect variations in color, size and design. Enjoy the occasional stray paint marks, nicks and imperfections for originality.  Approximately 7.5 by 7.5 by 2.5 inches. Ready to hang. One White Hot Sun Mexican Coconut Mask.