Universal Peace Prayer Flag


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Peace must encompass all of us for anyone to truly enjoy this luxury. The Universal Peace Prayer Flag with blues and white backgrounds includes nine Prayer Flags. Peace is written in seven different languages and one flag depicts the peace dove and another shows the peace sign. Hang Prayer Flags and let the winds invoke peace by touching your flags and carrying the message of peace to all beings.

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Prayer Flags are traditionally a Tibetan Buddhist practice.  The Buddhist believe that the flags are sacred and that each flutter in the breeze denotes the offering of a prayer.  Nine flags on a string with words for peace in different languages (Russian, Hebrew, Sanscrit, Latin, etc)

Flag information:
-Arabic As-Salaam, white flag
-Chinese Peace Huh Ping, blue flag
-Dove of Peace, sky blue flag
-Sanscrit Shanti, white flag
-Russian Mir, light blue flag
-Hebrew Shalom, white flag
-English Peace, blue flag
-Latin Pax, white flag
-Rainbow Peace, white flag

Apprx. 8′ long with nine flags, each 10″ X 8″. Symbols are ‘batiked’ (a method of fabric dyeing) onto the Rayon flags in Bali, Indonesia. Artists work under Fair Trade conditions.

One Universal Peace Prayer Flag.