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Thai Spirit House, medium


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Spirit Houses are a link to the time before South East Asia was predominantly Buddhist. Animism was widely practiced and people worshiped unseen forces such as the soul of the earth and spirits living in rivers, trees and rocks. As Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity moved into South East Asia, much of the practices of animism were lost but the ‘spirit houses’ continue to this day.

Everywhere one goes in Thailand miniature houses can be seen next to homes, hotels and other buildings. In Thai these mini houses are called San Phra Phum meaning house of spirits. The Thais believe the land is inhabited by spirits and when construction work is performed these spirits are disturbed. Although they are mostly good they can be mischievous and if not happy can cause all kinds of problems. In order to placate them a small house is built so the spirits will reside there instead of in the newly constructed building. Offerings are placed by the spirit house daily to show respect and to keep them happy in the belief that these spirits can grant good wishes to the givers.”

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Place this enchanting ‘spirit house’ in your garden or home and celebrate the history and meaning of the house with family and friends. If sending a Spirit House to a friend, request free gift wrapping during your check out. The Spirit Houses are made to be used indoors and out but best placed in or under protection to slow wear and tear caused by weather.

One fairly trade, wood Spirit House, approximately 7 by 6 by 4 inches. Spirit House Information included.