Cat Throw Pillows – Burnt Orange Cat


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Our cats are often a mystery – we wonder what they are thinking, marvel at their leaping abilities, and can’t help but enjoy seeing all their silly antics.  The spectacular colors that they have evolved into over the centuries light up in the sunshine and take our breath away. Our cats are our best friends and Cat Throw Pillows remind us of this bond.

Cats feel it necessary to help us with our typing, gift wrapping and sheet changing. We would definitely be lost without our beloved feline friends and value Cat Throw Pillows as an ex tension of this synergy.

It has taken a while for scientists to piece together the riddle of just when and where cats first became domesticated. All domestic cats descended from a Middle Eastern wildcat, Felis sylvestris, which literally means “cat of the woods.” Cats were first domesticated in the Near East, and some studies speculate that the process began up to 12,000 years ago.

Intense cats come in every color. Here is one intense black and white fellow on a yellow-orange background and he does look fine on our Decorative Cat Throw Pillow. Decorative Throw Pillows with Cat applique for human and feline use. Snuggle up with your furry friends, and enjoy this pillow together.

It is theorized that cats domesticated themselves for the most part. As humans began to grow, harvest, and store grains, mice came and thus the wild cats followed. The cats were drawn to our early civilizations by the abundance of prey in the storehouses; people happily benefited by having the pest control. Over time, as people favored cats with more docile traits, certain cats adapted to this new environment, which over time produced the dozens of breeds of house cats known today. Enjoy colorful Cat Throw Pillows and brighten every room of your home.

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The cover is 100% cotton and can be hand washed or dry cleaned. Poly Pillow insert included. 18 inch (apprx) Hand applique by woman of India. Fair Trade Practices are followed during the production process of these adorable cat pillows.

One Burnt Orange Cat Throw Pillow.