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On the Snowman Wool Christmas Stocking, fair trade (red), an excited snowman waves invitingly through the snow on a cheerful Yuletide red. This is a plush and attractive Holiday Stocking that calls for the tale behind the stocking tradition.

A long time ago in a small European village, there was an elderly man with little money and three very beautiful daughters.  With no money to help his daughters the man had a great fear that they would not be able to marry?  (Of course this was long before the emancipation of women.) St. Nicholas was passing through this same village and heard of the plight of this poor family.  He knew that the man would not accept charity and yet help was needed.

Under the cover of night, while the family was asleep, St. Nicholas snuck into the house.  Some tales tell us he crept through an open window while others relate the story of him coming down the chimney.  Either way, he got inside.  The girls had hung their stockings by the fireplace to dry earlier in the evening.  St. Nicholas filled the stockings with gold coins. He slipped away and the family woke to discover this most wonderful surprise.  Since the time of this tale, children have been hanging their stockings for Christmas in eager anticipation of the surprises they will contain on Christmas morn.

The festive Wool Christmas Stockings are designed by an Australian artist and lovingly hand made by women artisans of Nepal. Hand-crafted, wool holiday decor is truly unique and special as it provides much needed work and support to women. The wool ornaments and stockings we offer you are stunning, high quality pieces that support women’s skills and provide them a livelihood in Nepal.

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One Fair Trade Wool Christmas Stocking in red, with a snowman, approximately 16” long, 7.5” wide at the top, and 10” across at the bottom boot plus a nice loop at top for hanging.