Rainbow Peace Prayer Flag


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Let your prayers for peace ride on the wind in a rainbow of color!  Seven flags on a string with words for ‘peace’ in different languages: Arabic, Chinese, Sanscrit, Russian, Hebrew, and Latin.  Celebrate peace with this diverse Rainbow Peace Prayer Flag and call on your multi-cultural learning to share the countries of origin for each flag with friends and family.

Prayer Flags are traditionally a Tibetan Buddhist practice.  The Buddhist believe that the flags are sacred and that each flutter in the breeze denotes the offering of a prayer.

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Flag information:
-Arabic Salaam, purple flag
-Chinese Huh Ping, blue flag
-Dove of Peace, sky blue flag
-Sanscrit Shanti, green flag
-Russian Mir, yellow flag
-Hebrew Shalom, orange flag
-Latin Pax, purple or pink flag

Seven, approximately 9 y 8 inch rayon batik Prayer flags connected on one approximately 81 inch long strand. Information card explaining each flag included with purchase. These batiks are custom hand painted with very bright permanent dyes and are fully washable.

One Fair Trade Rainbow Peace Prayer Flag Strand.