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Puzzle Box – Traditional Small Wooden Box


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Hand crafted, puzzle box with the traditional Polish design makes the perfect gift for a loved one and the perfect place to store keepsakes. In viewing this beautiful box, we enjoy the classic design and symmetry along with the intricate line work straight and curved. This strong, finely crafted, small wooden puzzle box is pure, simple and remarkable with secure secret lock mechanism.

The Traditional Polish Box is Fairly Traded from the mysterious Tatra Mountain Region of Poland. The prime finish of the interior compartments assures the proper aura for memorabilia, treasures and jewelry to be safely stored.  If sending small wooden boxes to a friend, request free gift wrapping during your checkout.

*The secret: twist both front legs towards the center of the box until lid opens.

Natural. 4.75″ square x 3″ tall (sizes are approximations as boxes are hand crafted) One small wooden box, Fair Trade, Traditional Puzzle Box with secret lock.