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Purple Flower Fair Trade Pencil Topper – Pen Topper


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Felted wool items, such as the fair trade pencil toppers, are a relatively new addition to the Nepalese handicraft family though they are also one of the top five handicraft exports from Nepal. What started as a few crafters trying something new has exploded in popularity all around the world making the felt crafts almost as popular as traditional Nepalese crafts and providing another source of income for the Nepalese communities.

Like many other textile handicrafts, the Nepalese felt works are made mostly by women in rural areas. Their continued – and increasing! – popularity means a steady source of income for the craftswomen making them. Another result of the popularity of felt crafts is that they are, like pashmina shawls, considered on their own as a category independent of the larger textile industry in Nepal.

Felt craft products from Nepal range the gamut, covering all sorts of items. Crafters make the things one would usually associate with felt, such as mats, hats, and cute felted cats. They also make things that one might never consider, like jewelry, decorative art pieces – and even fun fair trade pencil toppers!

Pencil toppers are made in Kathmandu, an ancient Valley surrounded by the Himalayas. They are 100% organic wool, imported from New Zealand, Australia, and China. No chemicals or industrial machinery are used in production.

Product Features:
•100% organic wool
•cottage industry
•hole for inserting pen or pencil
•approximately 8 inches tall

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Give these fun, all natural Pen or Pencil Toppers to the young and the young at heart and watch everyone smile.  Have a card making party and pass out colorful flower and animal pencil toppers with colored pencils already inserted.

One Purple Flower Fair Trade Pencil Topper. (pencil not included)