Purple Angel of the Sea Mexican Coconut Mask


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Hang the Purple Angel of the Sea Mexican Coconut Mask in your home for a spot of happiness and culture.  The angel holds a special place in the heart of the Mexican people due to the influence of the Catholic church. Some believe that the dead can return in the form of an angel particularly during the Day of the Dead holiday and celebration.

The ‘angel’ has a special significance in Mexico and its’ most acclaimed and treasured representation is in México City, the Angel of Independence standing majestically in Paseo de la Reforma. “This monument was inspired by a project that arose during the government of Antonio López de Santa Anna, meant to pay tribute to the heroes of Mexico’s Independence; it consisted in a stone zócalo, built in the middle of the Plaza of the Constitution, from which a Corinthian column would rise, crowned by an angel.” -Mexico City – guide.com To this day the Statue, and the Zocalo or square where it resides, is a place where the Mexican people gather to celebrate and or to protest.

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In the Mexican state of Guerrero, coconut shells are used to make these whimsical masks.  Though the shell dries hard, it is soft enough to carve and use in craft work. In the early 1950’s, tourists flowed to Acapulco and the locals found an outlet and income source for their traditional crafts.  The profession flourished and today, still in the state of Guerrero but now in the mountain town of Taxco, Nadine, owner and buyer for Topanien Global Gifts, finds these unique coconut masks and mermaid bowls.

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Coconuts are sliced in half, cleaned and sometimes, other organic materials, are added to the shell before painting begins. Masks are then hand painted with acrylic paints on the coconut shell and finished in Taxco, Mexico. Each piece is hand crafted and so expect variations in color, size and design.  Approximately 9 inches. Ready to hang. One Purple Angel of the Sea Mexican Coconut Mask.