Peaceful Hearts Rainbow Prayer Flag


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The Peaceful Hearts Rainbow Prayer Flag includes 10 individual flags, each offering its own message of Peace, Prosperity, Compassion, Purification and Knowledge. Prayer Flags are traditionally a Tibetan Buddhist practice.  The Buddhist believe that the flags are sacred and that each flutter in the breeze denotes the offering of a prayer.The Prayer Flags of Nepal fly from Gompas, Stupas, homes, and mountain passes–even in the most remote areas. The prayer flags endure the elements and as a thread unravels and tears loose, it flies off carrying its prayerful message along.

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Ten flags on a string with words for peace in different languages (Russian, Hebrew, Sanscrit, Latin, etc) and symbols of peace inside heart shapes, in a rainbow spectrum, symbolizing unity in diversity.

Words and Symbols for Peace in many languages:
-World Peace
-Dove of Peace
-Latin Pax
-Hebrew Shalom
-African Mpatapo
-Russian Mir
-Arabic As-Salaam
-Chinese Huh Ping
-Japanese Peace Crane
-Sanscrit Shanti

“We measure our friends not by the color of their skins, but by the color of their hearts.” – Lakota Medicine teaching

Ten flags, each approx. 10″ inches wide. Symbols are ‘batiked’ (a method of fabric dyeing) onto the Rayon flags in Bali, Indonesia through fair trade practices.

One approximately 10 foot long, Fair Trade Peaceful Hearts Rainbow Prayer Flag.