Open Pink Rim African Bolga Basket


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The beautiful hand-woven, Open Pink Rim African Bolga Basket is made from the local ‘elephant grass’ and natural dyes. The grass grows wild and is harvested, dried into straw and then woven by the women of the village. Basket weavers in Ghana, West Africa, fashion this simple bread basket from stiff elephant grass dyed a vibrant pink. The Open Pink Rim African Bolga Basket is especially well made basket as work of art to display and use in your home.

The artisans are mainly farm families who supplement their income by making and selling baskets. The leather covered handle and the tight weave of the African Basket adds to it’s strength. The Open Pink Rim African Bolga Basket is perfect for storing apples, presenting bread, offering cookies to guests or just setting out as an expression of simple beauty.  Baskets are made in the historic town of Bolgatanga, generally referred to as Bolga. It is the capital of the Bolgatanga Municipal District and Upper East Region of north Ghana. The Baskets are often called ‘Bolga Baskets‘ due to their origin.

*Shaping Baskets: Sprinkle baskets with lukewarm water to shape.  Careful as color may run. They will look perfect every time.

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The specialized weaving process makes these baskets strong and flexible. Occasionally wetting the African Baskets will re-hydrate the fibers making the basket stronger and lengthening the life of it.

One approximately 15 by 15 inches Open Pink Rim African Bolga Basket, as pictured.