Oaxacan Alebrije Rainbow Owl


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The Oaxacan Alebrije Rainbow Owl is a remarkable work of aviary art. This is a perfect example of high quality alebrije art ready to display in your home. Experience the beauty and spirit of this creature. The artist meticulously covered this pensive fellow with an intricate web of color and design most intriguing to the eye. This is a one of a kind piece, signed by the artist, Joaquin Hernadez of San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mexican Alebrije Legend tells us that the first alebrijes were seen a dream by Pedro Linares. Linares fell sick and during his convalescence he dreamt of a jungle filled with fantastical animals in every hue and color and with mixed up parts. Butterfly wings might be on a giraffe. Unicorns cavort with eagle headed lions and frogs have horns. The animals were making a clamor and the only word that Linares could remember was ‘alebrijes.’ Upon his recovery, Linares began to re-create the creature of his dreams in paper mache and he called them ‘alebrijes.’ Perhaps the Oaxacan Alebrije Mexican Owl Art was a creature of a dream.

In the 1980’s and with a history of carving animals, Oaxacan artists began creating the alebrijes that we know today; the colorful wooden animals often in dreamlike designs and color patterns. For a much longer version of the history view Wikipedia and Alebrije.

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Hand crafted in Oaxaca, Mexico of the indigenous Copal wood. Approximately 5 inches tall with an 8 inch wing span and 4 inches deep of dense copal wood. Made under fair trade practices and purchased direct from the artist, Joaquin Hernandez.

One Fair Trade, approximately 8 inch wide, Oaxacan Alebrije Rainbow Owl, signed by the artist.