Motion Art Owl Clock, teal


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The Motion Art Owl Clock, teal, is made through Fair Trade Practices in Colombia.  The process began in 1994 with the creating of products from industrial metallic recycled materials.  Iron is transformed filling it with color, lightness, humor and personality much of this due to the hand-crafted nature of our work.  The factory is based in Bogota, Colombia.  During the production process the environment is protected. The work is socially responsible generating approximately 30 direct jobs and 30 indirect jobs.  These special clocks are sold in Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, the U.K., the U.S.A. and Colombia.

These colorful and creative clocks are designed by Liliana Otalora and handmade in Bogota, Columbia from partially recycled metal.  Following the principles of Fair Trade, skillful artisans are enrolled to learn Liliana’s techniques to fabricate, paint, and ornament the clocks.  She hires people from poorer social classes at good wages, including many women who are eager to learn new skills. These handcrafted products are far from mass produced.  Small imperfections or tiny differences between one product and another are an important value to Liliana and make each of her products unique.  We hope these whimsical designs will make you smile, minute by minute.

Product Features:

  • format: secure bracket on back for wall hanging
  • materials:  iron, plastic clock mechanism, ribbon
  • measurements: 10 by 10 by 2 inches
  • seasonality: universal
  • color: teal
  • what moves: owl’s tail feathers swing
  • requirements: one AA battery, not included

Far from mass produced, the Motion Art Owl Clock is a bright whimsical clock bringing a touch of art and a smile to those who admire them. Enjoy the owl’s tail feathers swinging to the beat of his clock.  If sending a clock to a friend, request Free Gift Wrapping during your check out.

One, Motion Art Owl Clock, teal, ready to hang.