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Miro Throw Pillows – Peces Pillow Cover, Red


Miro Style Throw Pillows are inspired by Catalan artist Joan Miro, who had a surreal, free-spirited, and unrestrained vision of art, eschewing conventional methods, and blazing his own path in brilliant color and wild shapes across the canvas. This contemporary throw pillow cover captures that same vibrant spirit in spirals of hand-stitched Kashmiri wool, coming fair trade from India.

The Peces Pillow Cover is an expertly handcrafted chain-stitch embroidery with a design inspired by artist, Joan Miro. The abstract qualities of this piece, as well as the juxtaposition of primary colors on this contemporary pillow cover, create a vibrant point of interest for your home. Pair Miro-inspired contemporary throw pillows with a Miro Style Wall Hanging.

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Kashmiri artisans work together in a cottage industry, handcrafting the entire piece from the design, to the wool, to the beautiful chain-stitch embroidery, the finest in the world. No child labor used and the pillow covers are made by highly skilled artisans making a living wage.

Miro Style Peces Throw Pillow Cover is 70% wool and 30% cotton with canvas back. Pillow insert not included but can be bought from any fabric store locally. The Kashmir wool thread makes it soft to the touch, and the raised-swirl texture of the embroidery delights the senses. 18 inches – sizes vary slightly as items are hand crafted. Dry clean. Miro Style Throw Pillow covers are easy to remove as they have hidden flap, 2 button or zipper closure at back.

One, Fair Trade, 18″ Miro Style PecesThrow Pillow Cover, Red.

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