Mexican Handmade Blue Turquoise Circle Earrings


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Big, bold and adventurous handmade silver jewelry from Mexico is here. Our Mexican earrings and our jewelry is individually made by talented artisans, bringing a small piece of the rich Mexican culture to your jewelry collection. With high-quality texture and unique design, our silver plated, Mexican Handmade Blue Turquoise Circle Earrings will swing as you walk and accent your happy, exuberant style.

All of our handmade silver and silver plated jewelry comes from Taxco, Mexico. We buy directly from small family businesses and independent designers, handpicking each piece ourselves to ensure a high level of quality and to have input into the designs. We aim to source beautiful and unusual jewelry. In the Tianguis Silver Market in Taxco, Mexico, families sell the silver and silver plated jewelry. They are often doing finish work right at their tables demonstrating the ease with which they put together the jewelry and make the chains. Yes, the chains are made by hand.

Turquoise can be a natural mineral coming from the earth or a man-made compound.  The natural, or ‘real turquoise’ attains its color from the heavy metals in the ground around it. Green Turquoise forms when when there is iron present and we get Blue Turquoise when there is copper present.  Turquoise is most often found in arid, semi-arid or desert places. Synthetic Turquoise has a very natural matrix created by placing stones in the “batter” or sprinkling in pyrite, etc. When the mix is cut, then cabbed, these foreign additives, which are real, create a stone that appears totally natural and very affordable.  The Mexican Handmade Blue Turquoise Circle Earrings have been made with synthetic Turquoise.

When giving Silver Plated and Silver Mexican earrings and jewelry to friends, request Free Gift Wrapping during check out.

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One pair of 1.5 inch long silver plated, Mexican Handmade Blue Turquoise Circle Earrings.